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And I'll stare forever and love whatever breaks my heart

Inside these broken lines a disruption of our lives insanity kicks in and all I see is another dead ... weiterlesen
8.2.09 00:22


Nothing ever really lasts.... weiterlesen
11.2.09 14:10

nothing can compareand you continue to dance in me Zumindest in meinen Träumen schreie ich... weiterlesen
15.2.09 22:28

Happy Birthday I wish you all of the love there is.I think of you and in my heart you are.Take ... weiterlesen
16.2.09 00:06

You can't tell why I feel that way,feel it everyday. And you couldn't help me, just watch me make th... weiterlesen
21.2.09 18:28

I wish I was special,but I'm a creepI'm a weirdoI don't belong here... weiterlesen
22.2.09 14:42

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