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And I'll stare forever and love whatever breaks my heart

Reality, you and nothingness opens up my wound.... weiterlesen
7.1.09 21:50


A piece of me died.And I feel the paralyzing desire to hurt you.... weiterlesen
10.1.09 16:29

2 years without you, without her, without a home....And I'm still breathing. ... weiterlesen
13.1.09 17:37

 Je ne vais jamais aimer personne dans la facon que je t'aime. ... weiterlesen
18.1.09 23:05

"Don’t know why, but I feel sadness when you’re near me Why can’t we become ... weiterlesen
20.1.09 22:58

I don't know if the past, the present or the future is the one to blame,but my tears won't stop. ... weiterlesen
23.1.09 20:09

I'm tired of the world.That's the way it is.... weiterlesen
28.1.09 22:08

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