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And I'll stare forever and love whatever breaks my heart

Every sky is blue, but not for me and you.Every cloud is grey, with dreams of yesterday. Come home,... weiterlesen
12.11.08 15:51


Whenever I close my eyes, you come to lifeand are close and near to me.As soon as I open them, you'r... weiterlesen
12.11.08 23:09

"Wanna be close to you""I can barely see you with all these tears."  Lalala... weiterlesen
14.11.08 21:50

Loving me always ends up in leaving me. Und wenn ich dort draußen 'Please don't go' in di... weiterlesen
16.11.08 22:12

I'm all alone.And I'll cry and sing myself to sleep. Ich habe versucht mich für dich zu fr... weiterlesen
19.11.08 01:20

What a night, what a night... [D.] I never thought you'd come back to life again like this. You... weiterlesen
22.11.08 01:10

What I can't have, I can't resist...Wie immer, steigt das Verlangen in meinem Blut, seitdem du eine ... weiterlesen
26.11.08 23:30

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